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A pack hidden in the deep forest of Appalachian Mountains.
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 Guidelines of the Forum Roleplay

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PostSubject: Guidelines of the Forum Roleplay   Thu Nov 29, 2012 8:21 pm

Hi there again. Once again credit to Xyne for this great idea! (Thanks!)

Here is things you MUST include when making a forum roleplay or it will be deleted.

1. The setting of the place

Please include the setting of the Roleplay. Example being: It is snowing and raining, Cold and harsh, Clouds glooming overhead. Something like that.

2. What you are roleplaying;

Please include what you are roleplaying as. Example: This site is a Wolf Roleplay site.

~Guidelines and Rules~

1. One Topic per user. This is to help prevent SPAM.

2. Do not post if already posted beforehand.

Okay thank you guys! Have fun!

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Guidelines of the Forum Roleplay
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