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A pack hidden in the deep forest of Appalachian Mountains.
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 Rules of Poetry, Artwork, and Writings.

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Rules of Poetry, Artwork, and Writings. Empty
PostSubject: Rules of Poetry, Artwork, and Writings.   Rules of Poetry, Artwork, and Writings. EmptyThu Nov 29, 2012 8:11 pm

Hi there everyone. First off I would like to give credit to Xyne for this great idea! (THANKS!!!)


Not very fun but please read very important.

1. Stick to our general pack rules.
2. Keep it PG Please.
3. Please do not making it too bloody, We may have younger players on this site.
4. Remember to have fun!
5. No harassing, downsizing or being mean to someone about what they have written. Be nice!

Thanks guys! Remember to stick to the rules.
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Rules of Poetry, Artwork, and Writings.
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